I think it’s brave to try to be happy.
― Vivian, Pushing Daisies   (via underneath-the-southern-moon)

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Weigh On My Mind - Transplants

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"upward over the mountain" - jesse lacey

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Your favorite weapon during the summer, déjà in the fall, devil and god during winter, and daisy for spring.

This is how is has been every year, for the past few years.

And I would literally cry if I managed to get my hands on a devil and god vinyl. I wish Logan would read this and be like “huh, christmas present!!!” Maybe, but I don’t think he ever goes on here. Meh.

I remember when we used to live in the town home and I shared a room with Kelly, I must have been seventeen… I would listen to devil and god on repeat every night before bed and she would end up turning it off after I fell asleep.

Shit was so much simpler then.

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